From Almost Broke To 6-Figure Online Entrepreneur: This Is How I Did It:

Now I live every month without worrying about a job or how to pay the next bill...

There’s a memory I carry around with me and I can recall every little detail.

I stood in the doorway of my old bedroom at my parent’s house and my mom sat on the edge of the bed and looked back at me with a shadow of disappointment on her face.

Her words through the silence of the room…

“When are you going to give up your online marketing stuff and work in a real job…? You will never succeed with what you are trying there…”

That hurt. Actually, I stopped visiting my parents for a long time because I was so disappointed and had the feeling that they were right with what they just said. Maybe I should give up all my efforts in creating an online business empire and work in my job as a system mechanic. It seemed that nobody believed in me and my plans to build a massive passive income stream and live the life I have always dreamed of.

Those words and the feelings of judgment, they carried with them aren’t something new to those who are dreamers.

And I’m a dreamer.

My parents never had much money. They “just” tried to get some food on the table. My classmates always had those awesome clothes from big brands and my parents took me to the garage sales to get some cheap and used clothes. That’s not a bad thing at all but my classmates always made fun of me and what I was wearing. But one day I made my decision to become wealthier and more successful than all of my classmates. That was the day I got my “never-give-up” attitude.

Don’t get me wrong – I really enjoyed my childhood and how I grew up was very important for my future life. I really appreciate all this much more today!

When I was growing up I used to dream all day long. I used to visit car-sales websites and look at the prices of Ferraris and Lamborghinis and when I came back later in the month to look at them again (during another dreaming session) they would be gone. Sold. Also, I looked at nice houses in the area and thought about how awesome it would be to live inside these houses.

“Who?” I wondered “is able to just buy one of these amazing cars or houses just like that?”

I wanted to be one of those people – no matter what it was going to take. And I wanted to travel – I wanted to visit so many countries. Please don’t get me wrong. Money is NOT the most important thing (in my opinion the most important thing is to be healthy, to love and to be loved) but money gives you opportunities in life.

And today, I am one of those people. Well, I don’t have the Lamborghini (I’m waiting until I hit a certain milestone to reward myself with that) but I’m independently wealthy and I generate a lot of money every single day. I can do whatever I want to because I created a system and stopped trading my time for money.

I’d like to tell you how I did it…


Let me tell you this much – it wasn’t smooth sailing.

If you’re interested in working for yourself and living an independent lifestyle (which I’m guessing you do) then I can guarantee that I’ve been where you are right now.

Whether that’s earning 6 figures per year in a corporate and hating it, living paycheck-to-paycheck, being completely unemployed, or even being homeless…

Yes, I’ve been in every single of these situations above while working toward my goal.

It’s been a bumpy ride.

But hey, this isn’t a biography I want to tell you what I did and how I did it!

The moment things changed for me happened while I was sitting in traffic…

I live in Hamburg (Germany) which has some of the worst traffic jams in North Europe when it gets bad. And that day was B-A-D.

It was that day when I realized I was spending 804 hours per year sitting in traffic.

That’s 33,5 FULL days just sitting in my car driving to and from work to make someone else rich.

How was I ever going to reach my dreams of doing that? I JUST TRADED MY VALUABLE TIME FOR DOLLARS… Imagine if I had a FULL 33.5 days a year to work on my dreams? How much closer would I be to that bright green Lamborghini?

That was when I started looking for a way out...

Something that DIDN’T force me to sit in traffic for 804 hours per year and was actually going to take ME towards MY goals.

I started some online businesses. It was kind of an Amazon Arbitrage business. This means you will buy a product somewhere cheaper than you sell it – you are kind of the middle-men.

In the mornings I would work for a few hours on my laptop wearing my robe and drinking a cup of coffee.

It was heaven…

.. Until I had to go to work.

You see, it was slow to get started. Slow to pick up momentum.

I had all the training I needed, I had all the tools and software to make this work for me, but it just wasn’t fast enough (plus too many people sold me some useless courses).

I did okay, I was able to take some occasional unpaid vacations time from work, but I wasn’t able to get the “freedom” levels of income so desperately wanted.

This feeling lasted a few years, and covering a few extra bills was great but – being honest – my heart just wasn’t in it.

I wasn’t committing 100% of my effort into it, I was being mediocre.

And being mediocre gets you nowhere fast.

Imagine any person with a skill you admire; an athlete, an artist, a musician, an actor – do you think they put in 60% effort and then made it? No, and I was foolish to think I could too.

But then, something bizarre happened…

I was fired!

The moment they told me it felt like a punch to the stomach.

It was almost slow motion.

“What do you mean you’re letting me go?!” I yelled back “I’m one of the top performers here! We would have made out targets last year if it wasn’t for me.”

“It’s not a decision we make lightly. These are hard times for everyone, and we wish you the best of luck.”

“Wish me the best of luck? You can take your well wishes and shove them.”

Well, I don’t need to share anything else with you…. LOL

I’m sure you get the point.

I didn’t take it well.

I felt so betrayed. I was left facing the possibility of nothing. I had been living from paycheck-to-paycheck and that was the moment I really started to panic…

But I also realized something very valuable. We all know the path our caring parents envisioned for us. Go to school and work hard to please your teacher. Then go to college and please the professor. Then get a well-paid job, put some money on the side and invest in a diversified portfolio. After 40 years of pleasing others, it is your time to reap the benefits. That’s not the way it should be, right? Your time is limited here on earth…

Anyway, I was facing the possibility of losing everything – what little I had – if I didn’t think of something fast.

My online business.

I had to make it work. I mean scale it to a job replacing business.

That’s exactly what I did...

I created a few templated that helped to increase my conversion, I even wrote out a phone script and sell things voice-to-voice.

I did a little better than I ever had before, but I was nowhere near feeling “free” like I had always desired and I was only making enough to keep my head above the water.

One day I decided to have lunch with a friend of mine. We both have the same interests and he was also someone interested in working on his online business.

Dan has always been someone I can bounce ideas off.

He told me about some of the success he was starting to get find with “affiliate marketing”.

You see, unlike what I was trying to do, Dan was just recommending that people buy other products online which were pre-made and looked great.

If they bought the product, he made money. And these products were selling like crazy…

I did some learning about it myself, found a few courses and started putting stuff into practice.

You know what? It worked!

I was baling to make little recommendations to people about things that would help accomplish different goals like building their own online business, getting dates, learning Spanish, or any other number of things and when they purchased it from someone else – poof – I made money.

I felt like I was still missing some pieces of the equation though.

I spent hours puzzling over it. But I could never figure out how to take what I had learned and move it up to “freedom” levels of income.

What was my problem?

Was it even MY problem at all? Or was it just the whole ideas of “affiliate marketing”.

Why were some people succeeding and I was staying mediocre?

Well, remember how I told you I was a dreamer?

Sometimes dreamers don’t like to ask for help – we like to figure things out on our own…

That can be an advantage sometimes, but it can also be a big disadvantage.

In this case, it was a disadvantage.

I grit my teeth and started asking around for help on different websites, on message boards, in Facebook groups, and more.

Eventually, I was pointed in the direction of a course that put all the puzzle pieces together for me.

It all just clicked – that’s the best way to explain it.

Everything I was learning was taking me 10%, 15%, 20% higher and more I applied it.

I’m not going to lie, there have been highs and lows, and in one situation I went from, absolutely nothing to everything (sitting in a luxury suite of a high-class hotel).

I started making a lot of all the things I wanted to do with this time and financial freedom I was working my way towards:

Well, in a good “dreamer” fashion, I’ve got a list.

  • Buy a cottage in the south of Spain.
  • Send my parents around the world on the trip of a lifetime.
  • Have enough time to read a list of 100 greatest books ever written.
  • Make sure my friends and family never have to worry about being downsized as I did.
  • Buying a green Lamborghini.

Some of those I’ve crossed off the list, I’m set you can tell which one I’m looking forward to most of all.

If you’re a dreamer, I hope this inspires you to keep working towards your dreams, and I hope you can take a moment to write down your own dream list.

The resource I was recommended is no longer available today, things get outdated in this industry pretty fast. But I always make sure to stay up to date on what’s trending and what’s actually useful, so I can recommend something new to someone else who might be seeking out a way to reach their own dreams.

After all, it was an awesome journey and I am thankful that it was so hard in the beginning because I had an incredible transformation. I learned so much and now I want to give all my knowledge to other people who also want to live the financial freedom!

So, if you’re interested in learning what I learned, and getting out of “dream” mode and into “freedom” mode then click the button below and let me teach you EVERYTHING on how to make affiliate marketing the RIGHT way.

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