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Introduction of Viral List Builder

Welcome to the Done-For-You Material and Viral List Builder System.

You will find all your DFY material in the “Learning Material”-section (top right corner). You will find DFY email sequence for your autoresponder, DFY social media posts, DFY products (use them as lead magnets or sell them), an exclusive squeeze builder software and so much more. Regarding the squeeze page builder software I still recommend to get Instabuilder 2.0 for $5 (instead of $60) on Fiverr. This is an insane deal. You will use this for the rest of your life.

Make sure to watch the training videos on how to build this viral list building system so that you can set this up in minutes. If you really want to crush you need an email list so that you can sell products to your “tribe” over and over again. The DFY email sequence will help you to build a good relationship to them. The DFY social media posts will get them to your squeeze page (where you can use one of the DFY lead magnets as a free giveaway to build your list). Awesome, right? 😊

As always if you just watch the training and do nothing you will get you nothing. Make sure to take action and if you fail in something just try to solute this. Make money online is not very hard but you have to do your homework and you will be rewarded with your dream lifestyle. 😊

Module: Viral List Builder Teacher: Carl Soerensen


My name is Carl and I am the founder of Financial Freedom Academics. I am a 28-year-old guy from Germany, whose dream has always been to live in a time, geographical and money freedom. I chased this dream till the end and I got my big reward. Now I live my dream lifestyle. But believe me – it wasn’t easy at all. I invested  plenty of tears and sweat plus endless sleepless nights. Plus all the money I “invested” on products without ANY value… so many ups and downs. This was insane but it only happened that way because I had nobody telling me how to do it the right way. Anyway, in my opinion it is wonderful to have plenty of time and the freedom to structure your day as you want to. But do you know whats even better? To put a smile on peoples faces and help them to achieve their dream lifestyle. Making people smile is the best thing in the world (if you haven’t recognized that yet, you will recognize that very soon). Anyway, your way to financial freedom will be way easier than my way BUT you still have to do your homework… Ready to take action?

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